Neverending Story - trailer song

music choice  :  since her name was inspired by neverending story but changed into generation because she is 4th generation born here from that bloodline....... the musci choice was quite easy


Abajomys Snowdancing Neverending Generation



Pedigree : LOSH 1159704  - HIPS OK  - eyes clear - gonio clear !

height and weigt : 54 cm - 22 kg


Name                    :  Abajomys Snowdancing Neverending Generation            nickname :  Djenny

Date Of Birth       :  14/12/14

Hobby's                :  replacing blankets en tearing them apart

Speciality             : eating

Namechoice         :  because i was going to use Uriah for the last time and he continues his legend and generations after he was already combined with lilly's mother  and grandmother he will always live further in djenny

                                and her descendants ... therefor the name ..

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