Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler

music choice  : because Alizka is to me very close to my heart and maybe she isn't all that

                          a beauty queen needs she can seduce you with her character and her eyes

                          She makes you melt like butter and that way she claims her place in your

                          heart.  Also she is a topdog in mushing AND agility AND obedience So

                          meet :                       

In Sweet loving Memory



Pedigree : RISH B/164/A - HD/A - eyes : clear - SPAYED

height and weigt : 53 cm - 21.5 kg

W'ouros Sorbet Van Ivoma Yavrien Van Ivoma
Quitane Farm Sidor
Oshi Van Ivoma Quinnie Farm Sidor
Larka Van Ivoma
Visca Zeumpy Yurko Van Ivoma
Yiris Van Ivoma
Oshi Van Ivoma Quinnie Farm Sidor
Larka Van Ivoma


Name                    : Alizka         nickname : the chief

Date Of Birth       : 06/01/01 

Hobby's                : obedience,  play fetch and agility , digging holes , ....

Speciality             : being not obedient just as it is important that she is

Namechoice         : Alizka is an hongarian name for a girl that i just liked

Showresults :

pup = promising

youth = 2 x very good

open classe = 2 x very good

she didn't do more shows because she didin't liked it that much and she prefered to do obedience and agility (sometimes also stubberness)

If you want to see her in action click on the links below :


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