Red Light Spells Danger - Billy Ocean


Numberchoice   : chacha exceeds all my expectations and she has the perfect color for me that i was looking for ....  so one of the favorits here also by her soft but yet 

                            clear character  .... controlled but yet playfull and likes to cuddle .... which number could suit her more then my favorite dancing song Red Light Spells

                            Danger - from  Billy Ocean.    Danger ...  to fall madly in love with her and , red light she is a light red female and she is just as the boss a crazy  dancing 

                            girl ... we both like to dance on this song  .... (but chacha also does it without the music LOL for her dinner )

Nordic Blue Charlize Theron


(import Poland)




Stamboom : PKR.V-24752 - BE/RSH 1250840  HD :   ogen :


Name                    :     Cha-Cha      nickname :     chachawatcha

Date of Birth        :     04/04/16 

Hobby's                :   eat eat and eat some more and playing in the pool

Speciality             :   eat !!!

Name choice        :  she had her pedigree name from the breeder and since i wanted something short and as a ballroom/ latin dancer i wanted to call her cha-cha




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