Reba McEntire - i'm gonna take that mountain


Music choice     : of course it had to be a song of Reba McEntire and it had to suit her , was hard to find till i heard this song  ... "i was born a stubborn soul" and with the title together i found this suitable

                             because i was sure that if she is like her family that i have here in 5 generations already , that she can take every mountain and obstacle on her way 

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Nostalgic Million Dollar Girl d'Abajomy




Pedigree : LOSH 1148167 - hips ok awaiting official results results - eyes  : clear  - gonio clear

hight and weigt : 51 cm - 19 kg


Name                    : Nostalgic Million Dollar Girl         nickname :  Russian flat tire

birthdate              : 23/06/2014

Hobby's                : making funny facing placing her ears in her neck, drop dead act while running

Specialty              : begging for attention

Namechoice         :  because i had with reba my long awaited 5th generation here present i thought she is one in a million and  worth a million bucks

                                therefor i found the name million dollar girl as she was supposed to be born in 2013 but that didn'tgo as planned so she was born in 2014 and that year was the letter N to start with so we just

                                put Nostalgic in front of the name  because it is a bit nostalgy with 5 generations .  The nickname i thought long and hard about it but from the beginning i was thinking of Reba  as in Reba McEntire   

                                the singer and finally i named her just Reba  ....

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