Every Baby - The Kelly Family

I-Nest 17/08/09 Danthé x Coca : 3 females 4 males 

Abajomys Snowdancing Icequeen                     Abajomys Snowdancing I'm A Lunatic     Abajomys Snowdancing Iyecatcher

Abajomys Snowdancing Ice-T                        Abajomys Snowdancing Imagine Me             Abajomys Snowdancing Ironman

Abajomys Snowdancing Indiana



Icequeen (laica)


Imagine Me (Inouk)  (and the dog along is I'm a Champ alias kenai from Crazy x Coca)

I'm A Lunatic (Alias Kodi - resident in England - Hampshire)



B-litter (alizka x zorak)        C-litter (alizka x zorak)    D-litter (alizka x zorak)      D-litter (belle x seymour)

E-litter (peassy x uriah)       E-litter (Belle x uriah)     F-litter (alizka x uriah)       F-litter (danika x uriah)

G-litter (ebony x dezhno)    G-litter (Belle x Uriah)      H-litter (alizka x dezhno)   H-litter (danika x Uriah)

H-litter (Danthé x Dezhno)  I-litter (EbonyxDezhno)    I-litter (Danthé x Coca)      I-litter (Crazy x Coca)

J-litter (Danika x Uriah)      K-litter (Ebony x Coca)     K-litter (Hope x Coca)        L-litter (Danthé x Coca)

L-litter (danika x bruce )     L-litter (crazy x Coca)       M-litter (Ebony x Coca)      M-litter (Hope x Coca)

M-Litter (Danthé x Coca)    N-litter (crazy x coca)        N-litter (Kiki x Kezacq)      N-litter (Lilly x Uriah)

O-litter (Crazy x Dundee)   O-litter (Kiki x dundee)


FEMALES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

MALES  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

PASSED AWAY : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------